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Web Page Speed Test

Have you ever asked yourself, How Fast Is My Website? Welcome to WebPageSpeedTester.com. We're on a mission to speed up the web by providing you with a way of measuring the speed of your website's load time. The WebPageSpeedTester provides specific recommendations for speeding up WordPress or other types of websites. Type your site's address in the field above to check the speed of your website and see how fast your website is.

Website Optimization Tips

How to Check and Improve Website Speed?

Website speed is highly important when it comes to generating or losing revenue. Various studies have proven that slow loading speeds directly affect traffic since people are quite sensitive to the length of time they have to wait for pages to load. For example, a Linden 2006 study revealed that a mere 5 second increase

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How to Determine Your Website Speed from the Viewer’s Perspective

There is much more to a fast loading website than simply choosing a hosting service that is considered good or localized. Various factors work together to increase website speed making your viewer’s experience much more enjoyable which, in turn, tends to generate increased visits and higher sales. Besides, making your visitors happy, you also want

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How Fast Is My Website?

In order to keep the attention of potential clients when they arrive at your business’s website, you need an easy-to-navigate design and engaging original content. But if your site does not load quickly, your careful design and quality content may go to waste, because many of these would-be customers will navigate away. If you are

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