6. Have you run baseline reports?


a.     Pingdom
b.    GT Metrix
c.     Webpagetest.org
d.    Yslow


Make the Following before Running Reports

Location on all tests – Try to always use Dulles, VA.

Recommended Tools:

Some Test Reports:

A.    Pingdom


for: http://www.google.com/

Tested from Dallas, Texas, USA on August 1 at 13:01:20

Page size 424.4kB

Note: (A Rule of thumb is 1 mb = 1sec load time. This test site is loading at 437ms and page size is 424.4kB so this site is almost perfect.)

Load time 437ms
Requests 50
Perf. Grade 100/100

Your website is faster than 98% of all tested websites.
Look for Performance Grade TAB

You will see that most of the items are 100%. This means that it has been well optimized.

Here is a fast speed trick:

Fix Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Click: Plugins

Click: Add New à  Query Strings Remover http://www.gethow.org/query-strings-remover

Click: Activate


Fix Minify

Click: Plugins

Click: Add New à WP Minify Fix http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-minify-fixed/

Click: Activate

What did you just do?

You have just fixed your reports to look better.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources
Most caching system will not cache resources with a ‘?’ in their URL even if a Cache-control public header is present in the response.

By adding the plugin Query Strings Remover, we have removed the ‘?’. Now the items can be cached and served faster.


Minify (This means to remove all the spaces in your code)

Note: You can use Pingdom to see what your users will see and how fast the site will load. 99% of the time it is correct.


B.    GT Metrix



Page Speed Grade: (94%) A
YSlow Grade: (92%) A

Page load time: 0.90s
Total page size: 401KB
Total number of requests: 45

This report makes your life super easy. Make sure to click the tabs.

The most important items are:

-> Serve Scaled Images

When you test your site, make sure to click the tab Serve Scaled Images

Make sure you use the correct image size. If an image needs to be 200px x 200px then do not add a 400px x 400px image and have WordPress resized it for you.


-> Optimize images

After you have all the correct image sizes in place, run the report again. Here is the trick… Click the Optimize Images tab.

You will now see a list of images that have already been optimized for you. Right click Save As and then rename them and upload them back to your server.

Run the report again and make sure you don’t have any images left to do.

There are a lot of tips on GTMetrix,  but for now make sure you only work on the images since most of your site speed is from the load time of any images.

If you don’t want to use GTMetrix images then you can use these tools:

Images http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/
Images http://compressnow.com/compress-multiple-images.php
Images http://image.prizmcloud.com/


C.    Webpagetest.org


A First Byte Time
A Keep-alive Enabled
A Compress Transfer
A Compress Images
A Progressive JPEGs
B Cache Static Content
yes Effective use of CDN
Web Page Performance Test for www.markdescande.com/
From: Dulles, VA – Chrome – Cable 8/1/2014 1:16:58 PM

First View – 1.560s
(This is the most important factor. You would like to see this below 3 seconds. This is how fast your website will be for a first time user.)

Repeat View – 0.942s
(This is when a customer comes back to your page. This always needs to be fast. If you run some type of caching, it will always be lower than the First View)


The report itself is not telling us much, but let’s look at the next part: Domains Tab


When looking at this, always remember less is more, so the more calls you have to outer websites, the slower your website will be.

Think of it like this, your take a drive to the store to get bread and then you drive home. Then you remember that you have forgotten to get milk and you have to drive all the way back to the store to get the milk.

Now, think of your poor server having to do the same thing. Let’s say you have a twitter widget on the home page. The server has to first load all the items from Twitter before it can load your website.

Recommended: Your home page needs to be clean and free of calls to other websites. This will speed things up as the server has to do less work.
Here is a list of helpful outer tools. They work the same as Pingdom, GTMetrix and WebPageTest.org


D.    Yslow

If you fixed all the recommendations provided in Google page speed then your Yslow will automatically increase.

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