2. Have you backed up your website?


a. Site Files
b. Database
c. Using Plugins or 3rd Party Services for Backup

Preparing Your Website for Speed Upgrades – You need to back up your website.

If you’re running on WPEngine, follow step 2.1.

If not, follow step 2.2.

2.1) How to make a backup on WPEngine:

Log in here – https://my.wpengine.com/dashboard (Make sure you are on the correct install.)

The URL will look something like this – https://my.wpengine.com/installs/username

  1. On the left there is a tab: Backup Points – Click it
  2. Click: Backup
  3. In Description – Put something in that you will remember Like “full back up before image tweaking”.
  4. Send notification – Make sure to type in your email address.
  5. Click: Create Backup
  6. Wait until you receive the email from WPE informing that the backup is complete.

A and B – Site Files & Database

2.2) If you don’t have a backup system in place:

  1. Download a copy of à .htaccess wp-config.php – Download the entire WP-content directory.
  2. DB – You would need PHP MyAdmin
  3. Login to PHP My Admin
  4. Click on the DB Name you want to work with
  5. Click: Export
  6. Click: Custom – Display all possible options.
  7. Look for the tab: Compression: Gzip – Then go all the way to the bottom and click Go.
  8. Wait for the DB to download (This can sometimes take a long time. If you think it is taking too long then ask your host if they can make a backup of the DB for you.)

Following this method will allow you to have a local backup of all your WordPress files.

C.    Using Plugins or 3rd Party Services for Backup

 This is not recommended as they almost never works. Instead, use point 2.2 above. It is old school, but it works well.

Note: If you have a tiny WordPress of less than 50mb then you can use – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-clone-by-wp-academy/

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