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7. Have you optimized CSS?

A good Plugin to use is WP Minify Fix: Simply Activate it. What the plugin will do is Minify all your items. In short, it will remove all the white spaces from all your files. Look at – Compacting HTML code, including any inline JavaScript and CSS contained within it, can save many […]

6. Have you run baseline reports?

a.     Pingdom b.    GT Metrix c. d.    Yslow   Make the Following before Running Reports Location on all tests – Try to always use Dulles, VA. Recommended Tools: Some Test Reports: A.    Pingdom!/3M6FB/ for: Tested from Dallas, Texas, USA on August 1 at 13:01:20 Page size 424.4kB Note: […]

5. Are WordPress, Themes and Plugins on the latest version?

a.     WordPress Core b.    Removing Unused themes c.     Updating Themes d.    Plugins   Make sure you are running current versions of all items. Updating to current versions – This process is difficult and can be problematic. Make sure you have backups in place. A.    WordPress Core WordPress Core – Make sure that you have the […]