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How to Check and Improve Website Speed?

Website speed is highly important when it comes to generating or losing revenue. Various studies have proven that slow loading speeds directly affect traffic since people are quite sensitive to the length of time they have to wait for pages to load. For example, a Linden 2006 study revealed that a mere 5 second increase […]

How Fast Is My Website?

In order to keep the attention of potential clients when they arrive at your business’s website, you need an easy-to-navigate design and engaging original content. But if your site does not load quickly, your careful design and quality content may go to waste, because many of these would-be customers will navigate away. If you are […]

Why Is WordPress So Slow?

Millions of people use WordPress as a foundational platform for their websites and blogs. Oftentimes, users find that their WordPress website speed takes a dive which is cause for quite a bit of concern seeing that browse times, return visits and Google rankings are all affected by sluggish loading speeds. Of course, all these things […]

WordPress Speed Optimization Tips

All in all, WordPress is a good platform to use for operating websites. The numbers back that up with around 74 million blogs being run from the popular platform due to its ease of use, compatible plugin availability, and speed. Website loading speed has moved to the top of the “must have” list since Google […]

Top 10 Website Speed Optimization Ideas

Webpage speed is an important element in the user experience. Not only will slow loading speeds reduce visitor browsing times, but it will also decrease revisits and even initial visits since Google now considers webpage speed as an important factor in determining ranking. If your site is slow, you not only lose visitors, but potential […]