How Fast Is My Website?

In order to keep the attention of potential clients when they arrive at your business’s website, you need an easy-to-navigate design and engaging original content. But if your site does not load quickly, your careful design and quality content may go to waste, because many of these would-be customers will navigate away. If you are not sure how fast your website loads, you can use the following online tools to find out:

Google PageSpeed Insights

To use Google PageSpeed Insights, simply enter the address of your website in the box and click
the button that says “Analyze.” Google will return an overall grade for your site, out of 100 possible points. Below that you will find recommendations for improving your score, organized into high, medium, and low priority suggestions.


At this page, you can gather more quantitative data about your site’s performance, including loading times and rendering times. For the analytically-minded business owner, these conveniently organized tables may be a more appealing way to see what elements of your site could be changed to improve speed.

Pingdom Full Page Test

This speed test will tell you how your website stacks up when measured against all the other sites that Pingdom has analyzed. You can also see the grade, based on Google PageSpeed, and a load time, similar to those offered by WebPageTest.


Once again, this site gives you a speed rating based on Google PageSpeed, though here it is put in letter grade format for ease of understanding. You want your site to earn and A or a B. GTMetrix will also provide you with a grade based on Yahoo’s YSlow tool, and again you want to earn an A or a B for maximum viewer retention.

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