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Website Optimization Tips

High Priority

Upgrade to a faster host

  • Upgrading to a host that specializes in WordPress ensures that your site is configured for optimal performance.
  • Never configure a caching plugin again. WP Engine’s hosting environment is hand-tuned to deliver you the fastest WordPress

Medium Priority

Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • By leveraging a CDN, you can take the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images, and store them on high powered CDN servers. When your CDN domain is called (e.g.:, they will determine the fastest way to deliver files to the user.
  • As distance is a factor of web speed, sending data 2,000 miles will always be slower than sending data 10 miles away. A CDN relieves this issue by delivering that data from the closest server, via geo-location.

Low Priority

Install the WP Database Optimizer plugin

  • Whenever you delete posts there are remnants of the data left behind.Database optimizers ensure that this extra data is cleared out on a routine basis
  • Never think about it again. The plugin allows you to set a schedule that the plugin will follow on a routine basis.