3. Have you removed comment spam and implemented prevention tactics?


a. Using Akismet
b. Plugin: Stop Comment Spam

  1. A.    Using Akismet – Comment Spam Removal

 Comment spam will fill up your DB with junk comments and make your site slow.

Akismet Is the Answer – Say Goodbye to Comment Spam.
How to Install Akismet:

  1. Click: Plugins
  2. Click on: Add New
  3. Type the words: Akismet and click: Search Plugins
  4. Click: Activate – You will need a key. Just follow the prompts on the screen to get your own key.


How to Tweak Akismet:

  1. Click: Settings – >Akismet (http://www.YourSiteName.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=akismet-key-config)
  2. Tick the box – Always put spam in the Spam folder for review (The remaining settings on the page can stay as is.)
  3. Click: Save Changes


B.    Plugin: Stop Comment Spam

 To help Akismet – You need to install one more plugin

  1. Click: Plugins
  2. Click: Add New -> Stop Spam Comments by Pino Ceniccola
  3. Click: Activate

Check how many junk comments you have:

  1. Click: Comments -> All Comments
  2. Go through them all, page by page, and make sure to mark them as spam
  3. When you’re done, delete them all.

Doing this helps clean up your DB and makes your site faster.

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